Chimurenga Renaissance drops single number two ahead of full length joint


TENDAI “Baba” Maraire, frontman of the eclectic new World Music/Hip Hop group, Chimurenga Renaissance, this week dropped Lean, the second single to collective’s forthcoming project, riZe Vadzimu riZe.

The project will see Maraire – one half of the Seattle-based duo, Shabazz Palaces – team up with guitarist and producer Hussein Kalonji to release a full-length 14-track LP. The album will have a stellar cast of other features and is already available to pre-order off Brick Lane Records on iTunes.

TMThe group, which typically rearranges a wide scope of Zimbabwean sounds through a hip-hop lens, takes a turn towards the electronic in the spiraling synth-lead Lean (listen here).

Already, Maraire has put out lead single; The Bad is So Good – in which he delivers a scathing verdict on Black America’s obsession in material possessions.

Check the hook:

We call it the black American dream/
Now, now, the black American dream/
We all get high cause we all are fiends/
Gangsters hustle cause we all have needs/
The world’s gone crazy cause we all want cheese/
So live that life of pussy, coke, and weed

Play the track below:

An heir to a rich legacy of Zimbabwean traditional music, Baba is the eldest son of the legendary Mbira musician and teacher, the late Dumisani Maraire.

Words by @makiwahenry