Train right: 3 ways to avoid injuries in the gym


THE CRINGE-MAKING image above, shows former Olympic weightlifting champion, Matthias Steiner, losing his balance and tumbling awkwardly as the barbell landed on top of him at last year’s London games.

Steiner couldn’t sustain the 432 pound weights above his head during the snatch portion on the platform at the Olympic games and dropped his barbell onto his neck.

JpegFortunately, the German strongman had a lucky escape and medical personnel rushed to his aid and hastily erected a shield around him while he was tended to. With the injury however, Steiner failed to retain his Olympics title.

Today, our fitness expert Sal, examines some of the injuries and accidents related to pushing weights, and how to best avoid them.


Correcting people’s technique is a tireless and thankless job.  We are generally met with a comment such as: “Well I’ve been performing this exercise for years without any problem.” To which I sigh and say: “We’ll that’s great, but people have been smoking for years without developing emphysema, but I still wouldn’t recommend you start up smoking.” 

Unless the exercise has allowed you to quit your job to become

  • (a) a fitness model
  • (b) a strong man, or
  • (c) a pro athlete

You can probably change it or remove it completely from your routine. Here are my three exercise techniques to avoid if you don’t want to injure yourself:


  • Asymmetrical Running
  • Resistance Exercises
  • Deadlifting

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Words by : @improveMyfitnes