Thank God January is over, we can say goodbye to the fitness nonsense


THANK GOD January is over!

Over the past month, we have been lampooned by a zillion articles, adverts and blogs telling us how fat we are, how we should lose weight and why we need to diet.

All this has been accompanied by sets of celebrity training DVDs and other outrageous training techniques.

The Peoples’ Hub’s Katie Goodwin, this evening launches a column on how NORMAL people can really benefit fitness off regimes to get one more energy and generally enjoy life.

In her own words, she writes:

Over the past 2 years I’ve made healthy living part of my everyday life.  I can’t pinpoint the moment I decided to get fit. I just remember thinking that I wanted to improve my overall fitness and gain more energy.

I’m one girl who never played team sports, even as a kid. I guess I’ve never been that competitive but the gym seems like the perfect alternative for me, to team sports. In that Mecca, in that temple, I wouldn’t need to compete with anyone but myself!

Its a  goal!

My fitness journey has no end really.


The People’s Hub’s Katie Goodwin.

My goal is to be forever fit!

I would be lying if I said my attention wasn’t attracted by the fitness deals and tips that have been flooding all media at our disposal since the end of the festive season.

We have all had that forced down our throats.

Only recently, when I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions I thought of running a half marathon.

I could feel it within myself that my fitness level has really improved over the past year or so; and so I set myself a “Great Challenge” for 2013.

So, I signed up for the Windsor Half Marathon later this Spring with six of my friends. We all have different fitness levels so we are setting our own personal timing goals.

Winter blues

Obviously now is not the best time of the year to be training.

Winter is headed for its peak period and it’s continuously dark and cold out there. Pushing yourself to work out is definitely harder.

During the summer months, I usually do my workouts before work when its nice and bright at 6.30AM, but in the winter… different story!

These days I do all my workouts after work which is tough; but since I have a sedentary job I actually look forward to doing something active after work.

But you can bring some sunshine into your regime with some good beats

Music is a massive motivator for me. Maybe the biggest one actually!!!

You know, when you feel like you’ve nothing left to give, and THAT song comes on your iPod and suddenly you get this sudden burst of energy!

Its mind over matter really! It’s not all about training the body- its training the mind too.  Music is key in achieving this goal for me.

I’ll catch you again next week when I get into my plans and programmes. For now, I will share with you a cool playlist for your running, jogging or just general weights programme in the gym (see above).

Words by: @KatieGoodwin21